Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 08 trying to update:)

Here is some pictures of some events for June 08;
We went to a winery over on Hwy.46 east, the kids got to plant there own sunflower and take them home with us. There was lots of fun things to look at and do there, it was a really nice time.
We also celebrated with Paul's cousin for his graduation, his party was in Morro bay at the state park; While we were there, there was a group of Older couples (in the park volunteering) and they had some really fun stuff for the kids to do: milking a cow, washing clothes (the ole' way) and some fun games. He had a blast participating!
We celebrated Kyler's 8th @ my sister Peachy's house!
And some Pictures of the boys we took at Sears:)
I had to sort of sum up the early events of June in one blog post, for some reason I have not had time to post much?

TOO BE CONTINUED...................................................

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