Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch MY way

I just think it is very funny (to me) when it is time for lunch I am so not "ready" for it...  I guess it's the fact that we seemed to JUST have had breakfast...  Anyways, most days I will do leftovers or whatever I have (depending on what was served for breakfast).  Well today AGAIN was one of those days where I was SO not ready for lunch, and the kids were already playing outside (school work finished, YES my kid did work on MLK day, Youtube ANYONE?).  So how does this lunch sound from today (for the big boys) raw spinach leaves, buttermilk ranch, a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese (YUP cut right off the block) a handful of T.J. potato chips and last but not least an orange, not even peeled! HA HA HA!  It is still sitting on the counter waiting for me... The baby woke up GROUCHY, so for my lunch I ate a few leaves and stuffed them in my mouth and a couple of chips (that he REALLY wanted, TRYING to grab as I chomped them) and YUMMY YUMMY cheese for ME (pepper jack right off the block)!  It's funny to ME! :)  
Off to go and peel an orange!
OH and the baby's lunch?  He got a few pinches of a "nanner" and his easy eaaaaassssssssy fav. food BOOB! 


Gombojav Tribe said...

That's how lunch is at my house a lot of the time! Just seems to be the forgotten meal of the day where I am NEVER ready!

Serena Abdelaziz said...

You crack me up! This is called "FUN LUNCH" with my kids. I miss you!!