Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Christmas 2007

This was a really nice Christmas together;

On Christmas Eve day we went to my in-laws in Morro Bay, where we relaxed ate and opened presents. Lil.Paul got lots of nice things, to name a few: Wac Moles game, HUGE art set, candy, clothes and some other fun toys.

Later that evening we went over to my sister Peachys where we made cookies, ate yummy Sopes, watched a movie and relaxed together. Christmas day we stood at our home for the morning and opened presents brought by Santa, Lil.Paul got lots of nice things here too: a "motorcycle", lots of movies, games, and all sorts of art supplies! I made Big Paul a calender of his fav. photos, got him a new Harley wallet, and some other stuff. I got some oils, slippers, and Big Paul made me a picture frame to put our family photo in! Earlier this month we purchased our "own" big gifts, big Paul got a nice digital camera and I got an exercise bike!

In the late morning we went back over to Peachys where we ate Tamales for breakfast, then opened MORE gifts! Oh my, did we have LOTS of gifts to open, we were all VERY generous this year;) I got a TON of stuff: lots of cute clothes, candle holder, candle, hair stuff, and a trunk organizer. Lil.Paul and Preston scored big too: clothes, PJ's., LOTS of toys and MONEY:) Big Paul had himself a pretty huge pile too: LOTS of flannel shirts (he stated he collects them), thermals, socks, and a sweatshirt. It was too much fun opening our presents, we do it all in a circle and go one by one, so it takes A LONG TIME!!

Some funny highlights of the present opening:

My niece Jordan (almost five yr. old) got a "big girl" bra from Ti Ti Olivia and fake nails.

My sis. Peachy got a sexy lingerie with ovulation tester and pregnancy test from me;) (they are trying)

My brother John smells and hugs all his gifts!

Brother in-law John complains his electronic Monopoly came with no dice and they were in his hand the whole time while searching!!

We adults were actually fighting to take our turn out of line, not even the kids did this!

A very very special tree was with us for Phillip, where my sister Peachy had everyone bring ornaments that told a story and they shared it with me. Some of them were:

A little puppy, which was like Phillips favorite toy he played with always. A suction cup ball (made into an ornament) that he actually loved to play with at Olivia's house, a little boy angel, a little girl with lots of curls (because he always played with Jordan's hair (pulled it too;), the bird from Snoopy (I called him my birdie), and lots more. Also there were mini picture frames with pictures of the family and him. I got to bring this home with me, I loved it!

We really did have a wonderful Christmas, I love this time of year, and even though it was so very hard not to have my family complete God got me through it with my family's support!

I hope you enjoy my photos:)


Gombojav Tribe said...

That's special about the ornaments, Leona!

Your family is really in my thoughts in prayers for this week and the week to come.

Martiel said...

looks like Santa brought a lot of good gifts for everyone to enjoy! I like the separate little tree made for your son that was in teh kitchen.