Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friday we headed up to Shaver lake to go and play in the snow! We were all wondering if there was going to be any snow up there, since we have been having warmer weather these days; and YES we had LOTS of snow! It was so gorgeous, I LOVED it there, its just so pretty!
We stood in a cabin at Shaver lake, it was a two bedroom + a LARGE loft, and two bathrooms, this was like a home away from home:) I could have stood there for good, and make it mine! Paul, Lil.Paul, my nephew Kyler, Preston and I all stood up in the loft; we EACH had our own bed (well Preston and I shared). It was really a huge area up there with a game table too. My mom had her own room, and sister Peachy, John and Jordan had the master suite. We even had a laundry room!!
We stood the days just playing, relaxing AND eating:) Our cabin had a very large back yard COVERED in snow, so it was a perfect place for the kids to just go CRAZY, ALL to themselves! Paul and John shoveled out a pathway out of the back bedroom door. They also shoveled a long slide area so we could go down the slope with the sleds, this was so much fun for the kids, AND us adults:) I can't even count how many times we ALL went down that slide, AND crashed too:) The snow was really hard to walk in, if we did not stay on the "trail/path" the snow was up to your knees! We did do a little venturing "out" of the yard, we walked a bit up the hill, but then realized we might be in someones yard! The kids built two snowmen, and dug some deep holes looking for the grass OR dirt, they never did find it:) We enjoyed yummy food, it seems like we eat so much when we are "away" from home; Top sirloin, Fettuccini, bread, pasta salad, spaghetti, green salad, eggs, pancakes, sausage, beans, famous Mac n cheese, tuna, PBJ's, fruit, oven roasted turkey sandwiches, and the list goes on!! We pigged out!

The kids spent most of the days out playing, but when it got to cold and DARK they PLAYED inside NON STOP; lots of dominoes, movies, make believe games and coloring. Grandma Linda read to them from the bible on Sunday morning; I joked that she was "playing" the part of a "male Pastor" because she had just got out of the shower and her hair was slicked back(wet), so she looked like a guy, TOO funny! We all had so much fun! I cant wait to go back SOON!

I took over two hundred pictures, I just could not help myself, there were to many photo opps. Big Paul went CRAZY over the scenery pictures!

Hope you enjoy our pics/videos!

Just a pretty veiw from the loft!

I liked all the ice!


Aunty Peachy

Uncle John H.

Silly Peachy, she did not make it this time:)



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