Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heres me!

This was a fun little thing to do! Thanks to Tj...
I am a Analyzer:)
General Description As an Analyzer, you tend to seek perfect outcomes in all of your plans and projects. In many situations, you “take things apart” in your mind and think about ways to do them better. You excel at this kind of mental examination, but you may tend to see family and friends as “projects,” rather than as people. Typical Areas of Strength; Analyzers, like you, tend to be analytical, logical, direct, confident, and they like new challenges. They excel at seeing the larger vision, creating efficient methods and procedures, and listening carefully for the facts. Typical Areas of Struggle; Due to your tendency to focus on tasks, you sometimes show a lack of sensitivity to the feelings of family members and friends. When you are sharply focused on a task, you may come across as being overly critical, judgmental, blunt, or impatient with others. Your Preferred Activities; To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which you can offer logical solutions to complex challenges, and you evaluate and make the necessary changes to assure the desired outcome. Your Communication Style; You tend to provide insights and direction by teaching, managing, clarifying, and advising.

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