Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little Paul and Tee ball

Little Paul is in Tee ball now, he is doing so good. It is all serious business for him! Hes really cute, he listens and watches making sure he knows whats going on! Although he will stop and run over to me and give me a hug and kiss:) MY LITTLE BOY! His first game was on Monday, he did real well, he hit the ball and ran to all the "CORRECT" bases! A team mom was assisting the kids on the outfield and she told me that Lil.Paul did NOT want to talk with her that he had told her its not time for talking, its not "playing" its really serious, and that he NEEDS to pay attention!! FUNNY kid.. He does do little dances after he runs or while hes waiting for the ball, hes crazy! I was watching him sitting, lined up with his teammates, waiting for his turn to hit, lots of the kids were wrestling, talking and carrying on and little Paul had his arms crossed WATCHING the game really intently... He really does like playing a lot, I cant wait until his other games! We were in charge of snack this game, so I let him pick out what he would like to bring (trying to be "cool") well he wanted bananas (and strawberries, but I said no to expensive) and Juice.. DID I mention HOW cute he is:)
I posted pictures of his practice and game, I KNOW I will post some more soon, I just cant get enough pictures of him, hes so funny!


Anonymous said...

THAT'S my STAR!!!!!!!!!!! -- sk*/Titi (He calls me what all the other kids call me-- he's so funny!)

Lady Dorothy said...

How adorably cute is he?!