Sunday, April 27, 2008

Two kite festivals!

They were all so neat!
Preston really liked the kites!
Cute cousins!
Watching the parade!
On our walk!

Watchin' the kites!

We went to two kite festivals, one last weekend here in Paso Robles and then one over in Morro Bay..
The one here was at Barney Schwartz park; we got there early and set up right in the front. We took our lunch (from Sub-way) and ate with the view of all the kites. It was a very nice windy day for them too! Later they had a "candy drop" for the kids, they liked that! Dad (Paul) and Uncle John helped the kids fly there own kite too, what a LAUGH!
This past weekend we went and picked up my mom and parked at her shop and had a front row seat for the parade, the kids really liked watching and also getting the candy they threw at them:) Later we went to eat at "Dorns" restaurant YUMMY; I got a Los amigos scramble with black beans (all of us girls did, but Peachy got it with chocolate chip pancakes/syrup, I just got regular), John got a seafood salad (POUNDS of seafood). Paul (was helping his brother move) met up with us after over at my parents house where we went to "rest" our stuffed bellies. After a little rest we decided to start out on our venture to WALK over to the Morro Bay rock. There we snacked on Kettle corn and just enjoyed all the booths (for shopping) and watched the kites fly around (although there was not much wind). On our walk we stopped to see a TIGER shark that was swimming around in the bay, and we also saw a couple of sea otters too.
LOTS of fun!
I have lots more pictures of both the festivals over at my myspace page !

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Lady Dorothy said...

We were at Barney Schwartz, too! Maybe you saw "our" kite. It was one of the highest ones. :-) Pictures on my blog!