Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whats wrong with this?

Healthy eating by crew

SO irritating to me; we went to a street fair over in Morro Bay on Sunday, they had lots of fun stuff, one thing we enjoyed was this little booth of veggies and fruit that were baked rather then "dried", which was really different but very good... So of course we were sold on it and purchased some "baked" goods from them! I came home with some really yummy strawberries, the kids loved them, we ate them on our way home and really could not stop eating them:) Well later on I decided to turn the container over to read the "nutritional" facts on them, WELL low and behold there it was "RED 40" ARRRRRRRRRUHHHH!! HOW STUPID!!!!!!! How sad for me, I was already thinking "yummy, here is a very tasty treat for us to snack on, different from the average dried fruit" AND NOW it is full of color!

ANYWAYS, I feel like sending an email to these people and telling them some info. that they seem to be lacking! There is my rant, I'm done:)

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Joshswife said...

Yes, ARGH! Sorry about that. You should definitely write, maybe no one has told them. I am so proud of healhty you have become. You are such an inspriation.....love ya.