Monday, December 8, 2008

Prestons fight with the stocking holder!

This is what happened to Preston AFTER he tried to get one of the stockings that was hanging on top of the entertainment center. He knew what he wanted, so he proceeded to open the doors and reached for the tip of the stocking until it fell on his head.. The holder is a metal piece with a hook for your stocking, its really heavy weighted down with a very solid metal weight. I saw it happening in slow motion, I was NOT fast enough:( It landed on his head, which only got a scratch THANK GOD, but his eye was the worst part, it cut open, like a flap that I held together to stop bleeding (but not before I looked to see how deep it was, and it freaked me out), but it really did not bleed to much and after only a couple of minutes of crying it stopped bleeding. I have come to a good routine every time he gets really hurt (which is a lot), I give him a Popsicle to suck on so he can stop crying! It worked so that he did not cause pressure on his eye, and it almost immediately fused together, isn't that cool?!! Thank you God!

BUT it looks bad (but he is still smiling/posing for the camera)
Little Paul cried, he said he HATES when his brother gets hurt:( Not many minutes after Preston got the stocking holder attack, he was running with his ball and tripped and went face first into the Entertainment center cabinet, THEN he was playing and running from Big Paul and slipped over a blanket on the floor and smacked his face on the HARD tile floor (those both falls barely caused any pain for him.. I'm telling you hes a TANK, hes everywhere banging into things and trying to get all crazy on you!) Hes funny!! Hes always climbing on stuff, we REALLY have to watch his EVERY move.. When you turn around for only a second, there he is INTO something.. HE thinks hes a BIG boy, playing with the "boys" and wrestling, you have to watch out when you are laying down HE ATTACKS!

Here he is up on the rocking horse, he climbs on all my himself and rocks all crazy back and forth!


sarah-kate* said...

LOL!!! That is too funny! Preston is sooo cute all banged up!

Lady Dorothy said...

Looks like he's been boxing. His new look reminds me of "Rocky". Would be a cute nickname! LOL