Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sharing one of our BUSY days!

Saturday the 13Th was a very busy day (well one of our MANY crazy but fun days), first thing in the morning we headed down to Santa Ynez for Isaiah's soccer game (his team won the championship for Paso leagues)! The game was at 11am, it took us (my mom, little Paul, Preston, b.Paul and I) about an 1 1/2 hours to get there, it was FREEZING cold but we survived!:) He did really good, and of course it was so intense (we are crazy "soccer fans", I have been wanting to blog about both my nephews ~Kyler and Isaiah~ and there REALLY REALLY fun soccer games, but I have not had the time, but they both did so good, and it was a blast watching them).... Mom, me and Preston, Little Paul, Jordan, Peachy and her mom in-law "Grandma Dianne"

(Isaiah in the middle)

After the game we headed back
up to Avila beach where a friend of ours was having a party for her daughters FIRST birthday! It was so cold, but the kids had fun hitting the pinata and playing around. They got way to much candy and we ate way to much really yummy cake.

The Granny's eating and chatting

Then after we went home for a few minutes to change into even WARMER clothes for the Victorian Vine street showcase! We had a fun time helping out our church and also was able to see Jordan preform in one of her THREE performances... Little Paul's favorite part was scrooge, he wanted to stay and watch him all night! He was so excited when Scrooge came down and walked right up to him and asked him "WHAT are you looking at?" He laughed..
A busy busy day, but ALWAYS so much fun!

Preston and me, NOT freezing because we are next to a very warm heater!



Bonnie said...

Wow girl! That is what I call a busy day alright! Vine Street really was a lot of fun.


Bonnie said...

I forgot to send our CONGRATULATIONS to Isaiah. Tell him we said, "Great job!"


Gombojav Tribe said...

I miss Vine Street!!!!