Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting ready!

So we finally decided on a pet for our family, a Mini Rex Rabbit. We did some research, and looked at many rabbits, and fell in love:) We visited the best place on the planet, I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that wants to adopt a WABBIT. We had so much fun going over and playing with the rabbits, we had a lot of variety to choose from. The rabbits are up in the loft of this huge ole' barn, this was NOT me at all, but I did it, and it was so much fun! I cant wait to bring our little guy home, he is such a cutie. We are almost ready for him, we got a really large cage for him, a litter pan (YES they are potty trained), some food and treats and a water thing, now all we need to get is the bedding and hay!
He is ready to come home about Aug.11Th, but we will be out of town for our family reunion on the 8Th, so SOON after that we will have him home:) YEAH!!!

This is not our rabbit, but VERY close;)

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