Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No pictures:(

I still have not figured a way to be able to put more pictures in my computer, I have no more room:( In fact I am really frustrated, I went and made a couple of those CD things at Target, BUT for some reason my videos did not upload? I will have to ask around and see why this did not work out? But anyways, I wanted to post some pictures, and share about it (for the memory) but I don't want to unless I have the proper photos (that's a perfectionist here).
Ive missed out on taking pictures (no more room on either of the cards): two fair days, pool fun at my sisters, beach days AND much more:( I think I will just go and get another card (they are not to pricey compared to more storage for my computer).
Until then, I think I will just update some of my pictures on my myspace page, BUT I just love to come back to my blog and read about fun stuff we do:) oh well!
I really just need to make the time and MAKE myself come on here and blog about each of my days, at least for my sake, even if they are lacking pictures:)

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