Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yet another day (Saturday)

Today we went to Morro Bay to escape the heat (even though it WAS NOT hot today, go figure)! We went to eat with my mom and Kyler at Chapalas restaurant and had some OKAY food. After that we went and watched BP launch on his Kayak on the bay, the kids played for a while by the rocks. While BP was out on the water we then went over to Dorn's to catch one of the many Trolleys (just for fun), we took the one that takes you to the North end of MB. It was fun and of course the kids had fun ringing the bell:)
After a long ride we went back to Dorn's and got some fried artichoke hearts and clam chowder with fresh warm sourdough bread, YUMMY. We met back to my moms shop, PLANNING on cutting the guys hair BUT I was just to tuckered out and had a stupid headache. So we decided to come home... On our way home on the Hwy.41 coming around one of the sharp turns, I was startled AWAKE ( I was dozing off) to BP loudly saying something like "OMG" and swerving OFF to the side of the rode (NOT many "turn offs" on that rode, THANK GOD there was one), as he bumped off to the side I look to see that a car was crashing into the side of the mountain! Apparently BP said as he came around the corner the car was flipping and swerving around and that is when he QUICKLY turned off to the side as it was coming toward us! Immediately we (and every other person in the other cars) acted really fast, BP jumped out of the car and ran over to the guy, I looked back at the kids (of course) and jumped out of the car and called 911 (THANKFULLY my phone ALWAYS has reception EVEN in the mountains!). Seriously everyone at this scene seemed to act SO quickly, there was THANKFULLY two men (in separate cars) that were retired Firefighters, one jumped out and stopped the traffic, mind you this wrecked car is in one lane (in a two way), and his rear end is in the other with A TON of glass/stuff/parts from his car etc. all over the place, so cars are coming around the corner from BOTH ends to a SUDDEN halt, because of the blind spot, so there was screeching and LOTS of slamming on brakes! VERY scary:( Thankfully this other older man quickly grabbed a broom from his truck (of course he had a broom):) and started sweeping all the debris off to the side as another guy started PICKING up pieces of the car and junk off that part of the road so to getting the traffic moving in one lane. The guy was all shook up of course, BP stayed talking to him, making sure he was alright (he had a bloody arm/hand, but seemed fine), he was telling BP that he was REALLY upset because he was driving on a suspended licenses (OOPS)! Well finally after awhile a Sheriff came.... It was really a scary thing, we THANK GOD for everyone's safety, it could have been MUCH worse. Thank GOD for my hubby who DOES NOT "tailgate" other cars, and has a VERY quick reaction.... Could you imagine IF he was following the car in front of him too closely, as the other car SLAMMED on his brakes (we were behind this car who was behind the car wrecking).
I thank GOD, I thank GOD for the BLOOD OF JESUS, for safety/shelter/shield!
Well after all the excitement we were just about to Atascadero when P. started choking on his spit (he was sleeping, hate it when that happens), so we pulled on over to the ZOO parking lot and I took him out of his car-seat and he threw up, BLAH, and then he nursed and was fine:) FINALLY we got home to a REALLY gorgeous evening and took the bunny out to play in the back yard while ALL the boys played soccer:) By this time we were ALL so hungry, so we went and got a pizza and drove to San Miguel to take my sister and BIL my "NEW TO ME" laptop to "clean up".
Was this a good day? YES:)

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Joshswife said...

GLAD you are safe!!!