Friday, September 4, 2009

I AM spoiled (AND thankful!)

This happens OFTEN in my house... BP helps me out with MY chores for me, he WANTS to help me (isn't that wonderful)!! Most of the time he will surprise me with a clean kitchen, vac./sweep, and trash thrown (that is his job to throw the trash, BUT I don't have to even say it). These particular pictures are from an evening that we came in late to dirty dinner dishes (that I did not do because we were in a rush out that night). He knew it was late, AND I was tired (so was he), but he did it just for ME:) I HAD to take a picture to brag on him;)


Trash thrown, and kitchen shinning!


Even my cookie sheet is "soaking" (with a wet rag on it):)

Also wanted to share pictures of my (BP's) bathroom.
Those photos on the wall are BP's (click to enlarge)

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