Monday, December 28, 2009


WOW am I really really posting an update?!!??!! YES I am:) Its been over two months, TWO months since I last posted:( That really really really makes me sad, I did not journal my extremely interesting life. Well I had good intentions, yes I did, but I guess I'm not disciplined enough or I just feel like I have so much to write about and if I miss a day or an event I just keep thinking I will one day update and I never do (oh the perfectionist in me)! Well I am saying it again, I'm going to start to update my blog/journal from now on ;) Really I am going to.... Even if its just pictures and a few words, I love re-reading my own blog, and I am finding out that people really missed me on here, they just barely mentioned to me that they read my blog! IMAGINE THAT...
All about my my days of Christmas, long but wonderful! Christmas eve day we went over to my in-laws and had lunch, opened WAY to many presents; seriously my kids were showered in gifts! After we loaded the TWO trash bags full of toys we headed over to Peach's house and ate dinner (I felt like all I did was eat over these days). Christmas morning we got up and opened all our gifts, the kids were so cute with all there comments and excitement, I love it! We watched the Disney parade for a bit, played some, and then went over to Peachie's again, opened MORE presents, ate prime rib dinner (pigged out)! Later that eve. we went over to Olivia's house and opened MORE:) ATE dessert NOT dinner again:) It was a late night, but good, I'm so glad my family is close enough to be together for the Holidays, and we don't have to travel too far! BTW: I am posting LOTS of pictures on my FB account (its much easier to post on there then one by one on here), I really don't go on my my-space anymore, and I rarely post pictures there, so here is the link for my pictures (cuzz I KNOW you will all WANT TO SEE THEM, there are LOTS of new pics of the baby!):)

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