Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thinking back....

Little Paul was talking to me about going on our snow trip this year, he talks A LOT:) He asked me how many days are we going to be staying this year? I thought about it, and started to count the days off, Friday, Saturday, Sunday then we will go home on Monday. He told me that we were going to miss church:( Then he started to thinking back about our last trips to the snow, and he mentioned the one two years ago (when he was five) just talking about the cabin we stood in and what we did. He then said he remembered how he missed church then too, and how he MISSED HIS FIRST communion because it happened to be THAT Sunday!!!! HOW does he remember that? He is TOO funny, he told me that I talked to him about it and told him he would have to wait until the following month, than he could finally do it:)
I love his brain!

(Little Paul's first communion age 5 Easter Sunday 2008)

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