Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lets see how I'm going to update the past three months of our lives? I am going to try my hardest to do it. I have so much to share, but I'm only going to do as much as I can, actually I will share the events that have pictures (that is the only way I remember things) :)
Lets see, Easter we went to church (dressed in our cute new outfits), we had lunch at my mom/dads house.
Beach days/bike rides and hiking trips (boys only on the hikes); As a family we try to get out as much as possible, it does not take much money (other then gas) to have a really nice afternoon of play. I usually pack a lunch and we take the bikes or just the chairs and a blanket.
Mothers day was spent together at Dorns restaurant and then LOTS of lounging at my mom/dads house, then followed by BP and I having dinner ALONE @ Tahoe Joe's (while the kids relaxed with my parents).
P. and LP are both taking Karate (Little Dragons), and what a fun time that is for them, just being BOYS!
We have been meeting with our HS group weekly and the boys have built some great friendships and so have I. (included are just a few; Abalone farm and a goat farm)
Our first "summer" trip we went to the Monterey Aquarium with Peachy and fam. We had a really nice time as always.
BP tends to bike ride in more scarier places then I can handle :) so he has some good rides and hikes with a friend or alone (he has some really nice pictures, too many to share).
For Memorial day we went to the Los Osos cemetery (second time) for the service, it was really nice to be there with the kids, this year was very fun since LP has been studying so much history (he knew the words to most songs and enjoyed seeing all the different flags of our country). After, we went over to the cemetery in AG to see my great great grandfathers memorial. It was amazing! Of course the day ended with a BBQ and bonfire..
We have been fishing, and to the Mission with our church..
I'm really excited that we finally got a tent trailer, and the kids LOVE it, we have it parked in the backyard and while BP was cleaning it, it served as a CLUBHOUSE:) I can't wait for our first trip in it (SOON, July 3rd!).
I love being with my family and friends, as much as possible!
I REALLY need to keep track of all our fun times, and AGAIN I'm going to REALLY REALLY REALLY try to post on here MORE often!
I know I missed a TON of fun things we did and FUN things the kids do, but I AM GOING to try more now ;)

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