Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snow trip 2010

I can't believe it was another year and we were at the snow again! Time sure does go by SO fast.
Friday we went up to Shaver lake and went to our wonderful cabin that we stood in last year, it is the BEST house ever! Friday it was cloudy but we decided to just let the kids OUT to play, WELL IT rained on them, it was sort of annoying but oh well! Then later it SNOWED, they played in the snow and LOVED it. P's face was drenched from looking at it fall on him, and of course TRYING to eat it! YIPPEE! We were so happy that it snowed for us, and it was SO GORGEOUS!
Saturday was a fun day too, the kids were out sledding and it SNOWED AGAIN, and again and SOME MORE:) By this time I was getting a little tired of wet kids, so they finally came in to dry off. But that was OK, we had LOTS of fun, the kids played and played! And that gave BP and Steve a chance to go and do some snowboarding, they had so much fun, BUT no videos or pictures:(
Sunday we headed over to Sierra Summit, it was a GORGEOUS sunny day out! The kids got there skis, the older kids snowboarded:) It was SO much fun watching my kids blast down the mountain (bunny slope), they did REALLY well. This was LP second year, but this was P's FIRST year (and only being 2). They did so good, they cracked me up. They would just talk and talk as they were going down the mountain, like it was no big deal to concentrate or anything, KIDS! It WAS hard getting them all geared up, for instance; P. NOW semi-potty trained, decided to "have to go #2" AFTER I have him ALL geared up, AWW it was crazy, ski boots up to the shin and LAYERS of clothes:) OH well its ALL SO WORTH IT!
We had such a FUN time, four days of SNOW, that is FUN! We visited until ALL hours of the night and did not get much rest, but that is what its all about. We ate a ton, talked a ton, and of course PLAYED a ton! I cant wait until next year!
ENJOY the pictures, BUT beware, it is ANOTHER long one... BUT OH SO cute (videos of my kids SKIING!)

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