Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th of July

Another fun day for us! Got up early and went over to Cayucos (with our friends that are here from San Bernardino) to look at the sand castles. After we went over to my in-laws for lunch (BBQ beef, baked potatoes, veggies, strawberry shortcake, and and and) and a bonfire. We visited with our family and friends and had a nice relaxing afternoon. It was nice to just let the kids play and not have to watch there every little move (and have the grands do it for us!), they got really dirty and enjoyed themselves a TON!
After we went over to the beach with some other friends and there we had a nice fire and a HUGE HUGE HUGE, did I say HUGE firework show. My word, it was HUGE, there were SO many fireworks on that beach. I MYSELF loved it, I saw so many different kinds of fireworks, it was NICE! The kids (a friend of mine and my kids) were so busy taking care of the dog in the tent, they would come out now and then to watch, but I think they LOVED playing with the dog MORE:) It was cute.
We really enjoyed good company and AGAIN relaxing while the kids ran ALL over the dunes and playing. My friend had a really good spread for us, she made mac salad, tri-tip to roast on a stick and hot dogs and of course MARSHMALLOWS! We had to finally call it a night, but MAN THERE were SO MANY fireworks, it was insane! A man mentioned to us that they call it "war of the worlds" there, it was that INSANE! IT was so nice, I LOVED it, at one point I actually thought the "real" show had started and had all the kids watching, but the I realized AGAIN it was the people along the beach doing it again... SO FUN! Now that is what I call FIREWORKS!! :)
We ended our night by going to eat a midnight snack at my moms house (she was at a party and brought us home some of her left overs!!).
There are too many pictures to share on here, so I have to find the time to load them to my FB account .

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