Thursday, July 29, 2010

How time just goes

EESH! ANOTHER two weekends here and gone, CRAZY! Well we have been really busy, keeping the kids moving and having fun! Last weekend (17-18) we did some bike riding, and went to the beach with my sister and fam, nice to spend the afternoon with my fam. and then we all went to concerts in the park. It was one of BP's friends, so BP ans his pals had a little "sleepover" and BBQ. IT was a LONG NIGHT!
We again went to the beach starting this past weekend (22-23) with my friend and her kids, we had a ton of fun, SO relaxing! We went to the fair on Saturday with my bro-in law and BP's friend, my sis and fam. to see the Time, it was a lot of fun. We saw the pig races and ate WAY to much, the kids were WAY TO SPOILED that night :) LP had a blast with Uncle Joey, who rode roller-coasters with him, they were a pair of dorks!! :)
BP left town on Sunday, and that began my LONG week :) IT IS HARD WITHOUT HIM! Sunday night my mommy spent the night with us, we had a nice night together. Monday was LONG, my dryer had broke on Sunday and I was FREAKING out, but my PastorS came to my rescue and saved my sanity :) Tues my sis, kids and I went to the fair, we had a really fun time, cracked up at my niece, she won a pig nose for being a cheerleader for the pig:) FUN!! The kids rode some rides, I guess my kids did NOT get enough of them the other night :) LOL!! P had soccer after (which made for a long day, he was TIRED, NO I WAS tired)! Wed we vegged out ALL day, SO nice, then went to Applebees for din din and then church!
Today (now Thursday, you see I'm counting down the days)!! GOT up SO STINKIN' EARLY to go down with our church to the city park to have a pancake breakfast, rode on a train and a hay ride, I LOVED every MINUTE OF IT!!! We had FUN!!!!!!!! Im SO glad I got up and went:)
After me and the kids went down to SLO to do some errands, and then went to have lunch at my moms shop (made a lunch), then we went on a nice little walk by the water (I brought the kids scooters, and I RAN next to them):) After we went and played down by the water for a couple of hours, until I started to doze off OOPS! So I figured I'd better go and relax at my moms house for a bit. So P and I took a little snooze until my mom came home from work, then we went to eat at Home Town Buffet AND PIGGED OUT! :) Then I decided I'd better come home for the night, after all we had been away from home for almost 14 hours! When we got home, my little man LP took out the garbage can, just like his Dad, what a MAN...
HOPEFULLY BP will be home SOON, I MISS him SO much...
To be continued with the rest of our weekend... ;) AND hopefully some pictures!

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