Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Saturday!

Saturday we went to the car show in Morro Bay... We met my brother John, nephew Kyler, sis. Peachy, Jordan, and bro. in law John for lunch @ Taco De Mexico for an early lunch. Then after we went and parked at my moms shop. We all walked down to the movie Theatre where my dad was parked with one of his ole' cars. We had a nice time just walkin' around and visiting with each other; we had ice-cream (for the kids @ Foster Freeze), strawberry desserts (shortcake, and brownie). We waited in line for about 40 minutes for a balloon creation (which was VERY amusing), little Paul got a "Narnia sword", Jordan got a "purple kitty" and Kyler got a "weenie dog".I have a lack of pictures due to (dad) Paul walking around with the camera takin' LOTS of shots of CARS:) SO I have very FEW of US:P Oh well!Later we went over to my moms and rested for a little bit, fed the baby, changed and then Paul the kids and I went to dinner with Paul's family for his dads birthday. We ate at Dockside seafood, I had Tempura shrimp with coleslaw, B.Paul and L.Paul had fish and chips. YUMMY!! After we went to the taffy place and got cotton candy and lolly pops. Fun fun!!
One of dads cars
Very "available" bro in law Joey with Lil.Paul
Dads other one

Me and my boys (well Preston is sleeping on me:)
Spooky (we don't miss you;)


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