Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My weekend!

Yeah for another weekend!! This one was EXTRA special because it was MOTHER'S Day weekend (not just Sunday)...
I got a afternoon to MYSELF, ALL to myself on Saturday; I went and got a hair treatment, deep condition, wash and blow dry, and flat iron! It was SO nice to just be an adult and not have the kids just for a few hours to RELAX.....
On Sunday morning I was presented my gifts by Lil.Paul, he made me a sun catcher that he painted all by himself (dad attached the ribbons though) and a really cute card from both Paul and the kids (they made them the day I was gone). It was really cute, Lil.Paul was very excited! B.Paul tried his hardest to MAKE my DAY'S (weekend) very special too (doing the dishes, and most of my jobs). I chose my gifts from b.Paul myself; Last week I bought a really nice new baby carrier that I have been wanting, and then my closet took a crash so I needed a new rack!
Sunday we went to church and after went to Morro bay where we had lunch/breakfast at Dorns. We had really yummy food, and it was really relaxing too. We then went over to my moms house where we opened our gifts. Olivia and I got my mom some gold earrings, her boys got her LOTS of flowers, Lil.Paul made her a sun catcher, Peachy and fam. got her some really cute shirts, and a picture (retouched) of my mom and our her mom (Grandma Lupe), my bro. and Kyler gave her some flowers also (she NOW has a garden section in her house;) Peachy got from me a oil warmer and tea light set, Olivia got her lots of relaxing items; neck roll, body soak and PJ's, mom got her a really sexy top;)
For Olivia, we also gave her a oil warmer/tea light set for RELAXING, mom got her a really CUTE top, Peachy got her clothes also and a picture (see below). I got a chopper and slippers from Olivia, a really gorgeous black sheer top from mom, and a lacy vintage top with khaki green shorts and the picture from Peachy!!! SO we had a really fun time opening presents, napping, visiting time with the fam....
I really liked this weekend, not that Paul and Lil.Paul don't treat me special all the time, but this was a really fun time to "MILK" it;) AND they did a really GOOD job at making me feel special! THANKS EVERYONE! Also THANKS for everyone who was praying for ME!

The picture Peachy made for us:)

My cards made by my men!

All my goodies!

Resting at moms/Grandmas(uma)!

Sleeping on the job;) WELL we were ALL resting, so he had a break:)

COZY in Umas bed!

WHY did we forget to do one with ALL of us??? UHH

DON'T ask?:) KIDS!!


Anonymous said...

THAT is the BEST picture of you and your boys! I LOVE IT! --sk*

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