Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two pulled teeth!

Little Paul has lost his first TWO teeth! Yesterday I told him that he NEEDED to get the bottom teeth out (they were loose, and another one was growing behind one of them). Well he was such a brave little boy, he actually let me hold his head down on my lap and tie a thread (blue one that he picked out), and literally YANK them out, one by one! The first one flipped out and went down my shirt, we laughed and then went on to the next one, I tugged and tugged and FINALLY ripped it out. We SCREAMED, hugged and laughed! We jumped up and down and danced, and ran to look in the bathroom mirror! The gum bled a little bit, but he was okay with it. That night we put the teeth under his pillow, and in the morning there was FIVE dollar bill there for him;)

Tonight at church he was so excited to share about how I pulled out his teeth (during praise reports). He was so funny because he said "I got a dollar bill with a five on it"! TOO CUTE! So Pastor Gabe gave him a dollar, then followed by another dollar from our church friend "Doc". Later it was time for offering and he got excited and told me that he wanted to give some of his OWN money! Another church Friend Re'Re' was happy to see him do this, so she gave him ANOTHER dollar! Yay for Little Paul!!!!!

I have to confess that I did shed a little tear:( MY Little Paul is getting TOO big, WAHHHH:(


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Precious handsome boy! My daughter is missing a few right now also. Thanks for stopping by and entering and good luck!


Lady Dorothy said...

He was so cute giving his little testimony in church! Sometimes, I would just like to grab him up and hug him! I would probably scare him to death, though! LOL

I can't believe he is old enough to be losing teeth!

Martiel said...

Are you seriouse? You actually did the ol' string and tooth yang trick? eek. My dad use to teese me with string saying he would tie the other end to the dr knob and close the door...yanking out my loose tooth. I would not let him near me with his string! lol