Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home school is so much FUN!

Why would I want to send little Paul to school? Not even a chance! Its starts out when our kids are just babies, I don't want to miss out on ANY part of there childhood, that is why I don't SEND my kids to daycare, preschool OR school! We have days where it is a challenge to get in our flow of school work (with Preston wanting to have my attention), but it NEVER is a reason to send little Paul to school. Yes it is a challenge sometimes, but a good challenge, a REWARDING challenge! "I" am his teacher, "I" get to teach him and its SO MUCH FUN!
I am extremely protective of my children, I WONT say overprotective (there is NO such thing). I want AND will be there like a HAWK watching them and protecting them. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if my child was MORE socialized (in a regular school setting where I can't oversee what he is doing), AHH the horror! Its hard enough to have to deal with the attitudes of my own children, but to deal with "other" attitudes, bad mouths, and all that other "fun" stuff! So nice, NOT! NO I'm not a prude, just protective!

So this post was to share some fun photos of two of our days we had this week! Big Paul has been home this week from work, so he has "joined" our school as a "teachers Aide" LOL! He is a fun teacher though, little Paul is enjoying it (and so am I).
So many crabs to see!

What a day to be out, so gorgeous!

LOOK it squirts water!
Preston loves to throw rocks
Dad made a volcano today, see it in the sink!!??


Gombojav Tribe said...

This is just AWESOME Leona! What a good Mama-Teacher you are!

erc said...

As a private CHRISTIAN school teacher, let me assure you that you are SOOOOO RIGHT on about the attitudes! We have a GREAT SCHOOL..compared to the public schools....but your kids are so much better off at home!! (AND YOUR OUTINGS are so much better than sitting in class with a BOOK!!! PROUD OF YA, GIRL!!! Glad you're having FUN!!!