Saturday, January 24, 2009


We dont go to the movies much these days, its just too costly, so I would just rather wait until I could buy the movie (for the price for all us to go). But for Christmas we recieved a booklet with "movie bucks" (from our landlords)! We also recieved two free passes with $5 for treats (from our bank for opening a savings account, thanks to our friend), AND I joined the mailing list for our theatre online with both our email addresses so we got two free coupons for popcorn!

Last weekend Paul, the kids and I went with our "movie bucks" ($20) and one of our free popcorn coupons and only spent $6 ($1 more to cover what the "bucks" did not, and $5 for little Paul's' "kid box", which had his OWN popcorn/candy/drink). We saw the movie "Bedtime stories" with Adam Sandler (we like him), the movie was not the best in my opinion; it was really funny, but not a winner. I DON'T recommend it.

So today it was just Little Paul and I (we call it our little date:), Peachy watched Preston, and B.Paul was at home with a "honey-do list". We went with our two movie passes, coupon for free popcorn (for me) and his $5 coupon for him (he got the "kids box" again). We watched "Hotel for dogs", this was a REALLY good REALLY good:) movie! It was so cute/funny, we laughed SO hard (and I even cried a little too). I definitely recommend this movie, its has a great story, its silly and just cute!
I'm so happy that we got to go to the movies TWO times and came out paying almost NOTHING! How fun is that!?!
(Ignore the brief commercial)


Lady Dorothy said...

So, where did you go to sign up for the email list? I want free popcorn! :-)

Leona said...

You need to go to The advertisement for it is near the top of the page.
GO get your free popcorn!!

Gombojav Tribe said...

When we signed up at our local theater we also somehow got a list that invites us to free pre-release movie screenings. We've seen several movies before they were offered to the public. Very fun!