Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lake San Antonio

We decided to take a drive out to the lake to look at the scenery (we like scenic drives). It was really cold out, but really clear and gorgeous. B.Paul used to work there for a couple of years, so he "showed" us around. It was so relaxing out there, although I know its not that quiet in the summer, but for now its such a nice place just to spend an afternoon. I could not believe when we got home that we had been gone for over four hours! Little Paul was not to happy when we told him that he could not swim in the water because it was WAY to cold:) He does not like to be cold, so that changed his mind up real quick. I guess since we were driving in the car and we had the heater on and it was nice and sunny, he thought it was warm out or something, funny!
They have a really neat LITTLE museum out there that big Paul took little Paul through to see all of the animals and birds, he really liked that.
We had a nice relaxing day!
We have a picture like the this one of Big Paul on the same bench, so he wanted one of Little Paul

We saw so many deer, they are so cute!

This is what they saw in the museum:

Mountain Lion YIKES!

A bat, kind of cute:)

A Bob cat, MEOW:)


Lady Dorothy said...

Oh, my! The look on that mountain lion's face. Yikes!

(It always scares me that we have those around.)

jessica said...

WOW Love the View! Youlooked like you were Froze to death on the Bench :) I hate the Cold too....we just got threw a huge Ice storm and no electric for 3+ Days It was aweful. Love the pics looks like you Guys had a Blast!