Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow trip 2009

WOW what a wonderful time we had on our snow trip! We headed out on Friday morning, we made our first stop to get some fries for the kids (early morning treat) little Paul got him and Preston some stickers to entertain them (AND it worked). Next stop was in Auberry to visit with Johns dad (Peachys father in law), we visited with him, his horses and the cutest ole' dog Whitney:) Preston loved that dog, he was to cute with him. While the kids were trying to play fetch with Whitney, Preston picked up a blade of grass and tried to play along by throwing it to him:) After we ate lunch from the best Mexican restaurant in the world, we were on our way up to Shaver.
We had a really pleasant drive the whole way there, wonderful weather and scenery! We showed up to our WONDERFUL house called Baldwin Sweets about 3ish and unloaded our stuff, and of course ran around the house just so excited. This house was the BOMB, it was so nice/convenient/clean and just PERFECT! We flipped a coin for the biggest room and we won, but next year we will rotate:) As soon as we checked everything out we headed out doors to play.. The snow was SO deep and soft it was sort of hard to walk, but the kids did NOT mind that, they played until it was TOO freezing! That night we ate Chile relleno that my mom made and the BEST chocolate chip cookies that Peachy made. The kids and guys played pool and guitar hero while we visited together.
Saturday morning we ate pancakes/bacon and eggs and then headed out to play again. Mom BBQ burgers for lunch, the kids had Hebrew nationals, we just ate too much! That night for dinner my brother BBQ the best steaks for each of us, Jill made lots of yummy food to go with it, we really pigged out! The kids watched movies, played charades, cards and ran around to way to late in the night!
Sunday we ate Menudo and steak and eggs, then we headed for Sierra Summit to go play some more. Big Paul, Kyler and my brother snow boarded, John, Jordan and Little Paul did some skiing! This was so fun to watch, they did SO good, ALL of them. It was really a fun day out there on the slopes:) Later that night we came home and ate some spaghetti/chicken pasta that Peachy and I cooked, and vegged on the couch and watched a movie. Monday was the sad day, we got up and let the kids go out for a few hours while we packed up:( We headed on our way out about 11ish, we went down the hill back to Auberry to eat at that BEST Mexican restaurant, to our surprise Johns dad was there just finishing up, so we were able to eat with him and visit with him once more before we left home. Mom ended up driving with us home because we were going to shop in Fresno. We went to Old Navy, Marshall's, Sports Authority and Children's place! WOOHOO:) I needed my therapy due to my vacation ending:)
The whole trip was such a PERFECT time, we had so much fun! Everything was just so easy,convenient and fun! We were so blessed on our trip, every detail was touched by God, I am so thankful!
SO here are my pictures of this trip, some of them are not going to make sense to some of you (like pictures of the drawers/closets, but WE LOVED the organization of it) so we had to show every detail. So hope you can make it through to the end of this LONG video:) I would love to explain each picture, but it would take too long:) BUT if you have any questions, I will explain:)
Oh the picture of Preston sleeping on the sled, YES he was sleeping!


sk* said...

I haven't watched it yet-- 26 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, are you insane?!??!?!?!? :-) *sigh* That's like watching a whole TV show! Maybe I'll just let it play over and over again today, and I'll catch it all eventually! lol

Leona said...

Hey SK* like I said some people might not "get" it, but its there for who wants to see it:) ITs a really good TV show to some!

Joshswife said...

Enjoyed your video! Thanks for sharing. You are too funny re. the cupboards, if only our kitchens were that big and we didn't need ALL of the other gadgets. :)
You looked like it was an amazing time....

sk* said...

Diego LOVED it! He wanted to watch it over and over again! So I think we got it all! :-)

I was gonna call you on Wednesday to see how your trip went. But then you talked about it on Wednesday, then I was still gonna call you, then you posted this. So now-- never mind! hahaha I think I know ALL about it!