Thursday, February 19, 2009

Presenting the NEW "cool" Paul!

So our nightly routine is over for now! I was getting so tired of the long hair, and in a "hidden" way so was little Paul.... NO MORE nightly conditioner/blow-drying/knots/tangles/fussing! Its done! He really DOES like it, in fact Big Paul caught him playing the "air guitar" in front of the mirror right after I cut and styled it!! Just so you know, Little Paul "is" in a band, hes a ROCK STAR:) LOL!! He is TOO funny/cute!

Little Paul: Mom why does everyone always have to call me "Little Paul", it makes me feel like small..

Mom: Well because Dad is the "big" and you are the "Little", so its just easier.
Little Paul: I sort of want people to start just calling me PAUL, is that okay?
Mom: HMMM we can TRY, but it will be hard!

I told him that I wanted a serious face, AND after all of that above:) I finally got this!!


sk* said...

Awww.... Jake is finally gone, huh? :-) Yes, the rockstar has showed up at STARS A LOT! lol

Gombojav Tribe said...

OK, I will TRY not to all him Little Paul. No promises. It's sort of like "Little" is his first name and Paul is his last! LOL!

Lady Dorothy said...

Like the new "do", Paul!

(Okay, this is really going to be hard!)

Joshswife said...

How is it going not calling him Little Paul? I noticed on your "snow post" you still called him that! :0)

I am trying to remember, but the kids call him that, too....SO, easier said than done.

I do like his hair; does he still like it?

Leona said...

I still call him that too, AND so does almost everyone:) He has sort of let it go for now, I think he forgot that he wanted to not be called that??? KIDS!! Its just so normal..
And YES he likes his hair a lot, mostly because its SO much EASIER!!

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