Friday, April 17, 2009


That's me here in "blog land" "MIA", where on earth have I been? I don't know, but I think its just been ME being too lazy to blog. I am sad that I have NONE of the past month on my blog:( I am MAKING myself do this MORE often, NO matter what. Even if I'm the only one who reads it:) I LOVE to come back and read about what I did "that" day or holiday (even Little Paul comes to the blog and browses, he likes looking at the pictures and reading about our fun times:))

So officially TODAY here is my post for the day:)

Today started out like every other day, up with the kids/breakfast/chores then school. Preston had a nap and little Paul played with play-dough while I did some more chores. Later on we decided to go out on the town since it was such a gorgeous day (WHY can't ALL summer be this gorgeous!?) We parked in the parking area sort of by Kohl's and walked over to shop around. I had Kohl's "cash" so I decided to buy the boys some shorts and Preston a REALLY cute duck towel. Little Paul thinks I'm really funny when I shop, I think he is really entertained by it, the way I CAN'T decide on anything AND I talk to myself "NO you don't need this" or "UGH this is not the right thing" and stuff like that. AND little Paul entertains me too, he makes up songs while we shop about what we are doing:) AND he entertains Preston by playing "peek-a-boo" and "wheres your cheek, wheres your forehead" LOL!!
After that Little Paul kept telling me he was SO hungry (I think it was because he overheard a lady talking about tacos from Taco Bell), so we walked over back to the car to put our bags away and walked to Panda Express. After that we walked over to Wal-mart and did some more shopping. Lit.Paul loves to read me my list, and constantly remind me of WHAT we need (hes such the helper).
We ended coming home right as Paul got home about 7pm, so we played a little outside (since it was still SO nice), came in, had dinner and hung out some more.... That's my day, maybe not to exciting, but WE enjoyed it so I had to write about it:)

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