Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture updates!

So instead of TRYING to update on each event that has taken place over the last few months, I thought I would try (just for me:)) do a "out of order" picture update;
On Memorial day we went over to the memorial service at the Los Osos cemetery. It was great to go to that, we watched war planes fly by, helicopter landing and taking off, sky divers, and of course the service, followed by a great FREE lunch (Tri-tip). After we went over to "art in the park", walked around and looked at ART:) Later we went over to the beach and played!
Little Paul has gone through some belts in Little Dragons, he is now a PURPLE belt!! He is doing so good, he loves it. He also started the 5:00 class (the more advanced class), he already is doing good, but he would rather "play" in the Dragons class:) That's fine by me, hes a kid, its his class!
In June Little Paul graduated from First grade:) They had a little promotion ceremony for the kids, it was so cute. I have other pictures of him holding his certificate, BUT they will not load? WE were SO proud (SO WAS HE)!
For the 4th of July we went over to the beach to see the sand castles/parade, then later we went to the in-laws for a BBQ. Then that night we went to Barney Schwartz park to see the fire works!! Lastly we ended our night VERY late at sister Olivia's to do some FIREWORKS!!! The kids had a blast!
I don't have many pictures from the fair:( BUT we did go three times,the kids rode rides and we ate some good fair food:) We shopped, played games, LOVED the goats, watched the pig races, watched a concert (Naked brothers band), and watched Jordan perform. We had fun every-time we went, and stayed just about until they closed, the kids did PERFECTLY!
NOW we finally got our little bunny home, he is almost 7 weeks, but we were able to bring him home a little early:) HE is so cute, he is a really good little guy! Bugzy is his name, isn't that the cutest??!! He is at the moment living in his HUGE cage in the living room on our side table under a window, I'm not sure I like that area (does not go to well with my decor).
So that's the best I can do for me, to get some of the details down (I guess I happy now about that)!!
HOPEFULLY SOON, I will get better at JUST posting, even if it does NOT have pics.!

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Joshswife said...

I am trying to get back to it, too! I like your get with it. :)