Friday, August 28, 2009

BIke ride (Friday)

(LP trying to keep up without sinking in the sand)

We are strong riders:)

(heres BP with all the gear, he has LP's bike too)

Today we went over to the beach (Morro Bay) to go on a ride, it was SO warm there, NOT usual for Morro Bay. It was a crazy day just TRYING to get over there; First off we went to go and get a few screws for the seat (the seat did not come with hardware), waited in the car for BP (which seemed like a half an hour) the clerk was lame, BP was supposed to write down each screw size himself that he was buying (NOT normal, he said usually they have a size chart they go by) SO he had to go back and write down EACH one, DUMB! After he FINALLY came back to the car, he said that there was a fire!! It was RIGHT by where we were, like next door to the building on a mountain! So we of course WANTED to see it, drove about a block and there it was! We watched it for a while and took some pictures. Then we decided that well it was past lunch time so we had better get the kids some food, SO we went over to TB (which was right there), BUT they were closed due to the fire (there electricity was out). AHHHHHHHHHH, so we decided to go to a deli a couple miles away to get some corn dogs, they only had TWO (not four), BOOHOO! BP got us fried burrito's BLAH!BARF! I did not eat mine! Finally we headed over to the beach, BP unloaded the bikes, AND the new seat and started to mount it on his bike, WELL IT DID NOT FIT right!!!!! BOOHOOO AGAIN, we had to load the KIDS, AND the BIKES back in the car and go back to the store to get some more screws! AGAIN he went in (which seemed like a YEAR)!! FINALLY we went back to the beach and unloaded once again, and this time the seat mounted beautifully! Helmets on, kid in tow, back pack and we were set to go on our ride.... OH but wait, we had to walk our bikes DOWN to the hard sand part of the beach, EASY?? NO HARD!! Especially with LP's bike, we now have a nickname for it "TANK"!!! This was such a sight to see, BP was dragging his bike with P on it, AND carrying "TANK" on his bike too, OH AND the back pack:) I was of course dragging my own bike!! FINALLY we made it down to the water (hard sand, NOT quick sand). LOL this was really another sight to see, LP trying to ride "TANK" in the sand, it was SO sad for him:( EVEN I was having a hard time, I wonder if the sand was just EXTRA soft today just for us:)!!! We really did LAUGH OUT LOUD! It was so funny!! FINALLY BP had an idea that we TRY and ride a ways down the beach over to another part where we could WALK BACK UP THE SOFT SAND and go back to the streets where there is a little community called "The Cloisters", this has a really nice bike path and neighborhood sidewalks, park AND bathroom (cause you know by now EVERYONE had to go). We headed down the beach (WELL falling, getting wet etc.) Finally coming to the point where we had to walk up the soft sand area, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOL! This was crazy, I wore SANDALS (the sand was BOILING, and I kept slipping;)) POOR BP though, he once again DRAGGED his bike with P on it and carried the backpack AND LP's bike (its a good thing he is STRONG)!!! WE THEN MADE it there, YA!! We got on the path and rode like champs, ALL over the place! The houses are gorgeous there (of course right on the beach), we took the paths, went to the bathroom, and even decided to take a DIRT path with lots of bumps. LP did SO SO SO GOOD (for his FIRST ever official bike ride). WE are so proud of him, he lasted the whole time and did not give up ONE time OR get irritated. We then ended our ride, going along the lower side of the freeway (NOT next to it) there was a bike path that we took all the way back to the car (cutting through the high school). We were NOT going to go back on the beach and ride back that way, OH THE HORROR!! :)
WE DID have a BLAST, it was just FUNNY how all the events took place:) We now decided that LP needs a new bike AND some biking gloves, seriously his little hands were SO SO red and raw by the end of the ride. AND I need to wear tennis shoes next time EVEN if we go to the beach:) All and all I think we rode for almost two hours!
After that we went and picked up my mom and we went and had a much NEEDED dinner at a really yummy restaurant (WE WERE REALLY HUNGRY), mom and I had shrimp and chips, LP and P had fish and chips (they were SO good), and BP had a cheeseburger (of course). We sat on the patio which is right over the water, and just rested (it was gorgeous out). After we walked along the waterfront to the candy store, but it was closed, so we walked back down the other direction and made it to another candy store and got a cinnamon roll and rock candy.
Before we headed home, we stopped and cut the guys hair, and that was the end of MY day:)

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Joshswife said...

Even though LP is standing in front of look good!
I would love to go on a bike ride. The kids would just make it too hard at this age.