Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My 32 years!!!!!!!!

WOWIE! I'm 32, that is crazy to me, THIRTY- TWO! LP counted down the days until my, he was SUPER excited about it, WAY more then me:) He, ON A DAILY basis tells me "Mom your THIRTY-TWO, and NEXT year you will be THIRTY-THREE"! KIDS!!
We had a really good relaxed day, the kids woke me up in the morning a little to early, they were playing there instruments for me DRUMS and FLUTES! They were making music for me to start my off right;) Hmmm... Needless to say I was quite tired so we ALL took a nap for 2 1/2 hours, YIPPEE!! I needed it really bad.... When BP got home I got to open my gifts, a gorgeous locket (LP's idea, he wanted me to put a picture of Phillip in it, isn't that SO cute?!) and BP brought me home Sees candy (I have been TRYING to get that candy for months and every time we go to SLO they are CLOSED). YA ME, I was really excited! We all went to dinner at Big Bubbas (I eat free!), we got tater chips for an app., I ordered a VERY large dish; three beef ribs/two pork ribs/1/4 of chicken/baked potato/bread and fries, of course I did NOT eat it all, I shared with BOTH the boys (most of the meal was covered, $20 of it, we payed ONLY $4). BP got a grilled chicken sandwich with beans . They bring out a very large dessert, and we ALL shared it (and even had some left, that is how big it is!). LP rode the bull, he said it "damaged" him:) LOL!
Later we came home and watched a "G-force" and ate pop-corn, and stayed up WAY to late!
I had a wonderful birthday, treated like a Queen by all my boys :) Seriously LP will make a perfect husband when he gets married (his Dad is teaching him REALLY well)!! I love my family!!!!!!!

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Diego: Who's laughing?!

LOL!!! :-)