Saturday, February 20, 2010


LP has been wanting me for a long time now to blog about his hiking adventure that he went on with his Dad! So now this is ALL from him:

A couple of weeks ago my Dad took me hiking at a ranch that the Indians used to live at. We saw lots of different things like: gophers, deers, and the ocean with a ton of seals playing in the waves. We found lots of different benches that people made on the trail so that you can rest. We brought lots of stuff with us like: Life water, extra pairs of socks( I played in the mud, but my socks did not get wet, because I had on my rain boots), different change of clothes and snacks (bananas, applesauce). After the hiking trail we were hungry from all the walking, climbing up the steep hills, running and skipping, my Dad knew of a place that had good burgers, but when we got there and ordered our burgers the cashier said that they only take cash, not debit, so we had to go to the deli there instead. We had to get hot-dogs, but they were really good...


Joshswife said...

How special!
What a great job, Paul! (both)

Janette Wright said...

What a special time for both Dad and son. I have five boys and I know these times are cherished and talked about years oldest are 26, 24, and 21. It is so much fun now to hear them recount the memories. Enjoy!!!