Sunday, February 7, 2010

REALLY real!

Lately LP has had a couple of nightmares, and it is horrible for him. They range from God taking P to heaven, to weird men in the house, we deal with it accordingly and he moves on and forgets them! SO anyways, this particular nightmare (a man in our bathroom) scared LP so much, he was NOT happy. We prayed again the next night that he would not think of this nightmare or even remember it. I told him (like I always do) that Jesus is with him and he does NOT have to be scared. He was not too happy and not wanting to sleep, so I told him to continue to pray while I was trying to put P down to sleep (right next to him in my bed, LP sleeps in his bed next to ours). I rubbed his head while he prayed, he told me it was not working:( I told him he just needed to continue and God would be here for him. Well he prayed and prayed. Then the next few nights he had not had any nightmares, we talked some more, he had some questions, questions that I know I have already told him the answers too, but I think as he gets older he is learning more and understanding more and wants to REALLY know God MORE. While in bed again, we prayed and talked about feeling Gods presence on/around him, he asked HOW do I feel him, and he cried (now remind you we have had several conversations/devotions about this), he said he wanted TO FEEL him and know he IS there and real. I told him GOD will answer this LP, you just ask him and while I sing (I sing worship songs to the boys EVERY single night until they are asleep) REALLY pray! He said he wanted to FEEL him FEEL him! Finally he was asleep.... A couple of days later (tonight), after praying, LP said "MOM, you are going to be SO HAPPY for me, remember how I said I wanted to feel GOD, well I DID!! The other night I was not completely sleeping yet when you left the room, and I was facing the wall with my bottom facing P's crib, and I felt God touch by my upper part of my leg. I know Mom this is funny, but I DID, I don't know why he picked that part but he DID, it was like this"... (he then described to me how it felt to him and exactly where God touched him!) He continued; " I was NOT scared, I just thought it was funny and was SO happy! "I think I can explain this, sometimes when we want something really bad, we have to pray, and I know it does not happen fast but it WILL, that is Gods way of testing us, like it wont happen right away all the time, but it will, just keep praying, God wants to see how much you really want it".
We laughed and I shared more with him, and he was REALLY excited, oh and SO WAS I!

I was thinking while he was explaining all of this, he has once before explained this to me a while back when he was sick, I cant remember exactly when, it was quite a while ago (and I WISH I would have written it down). Well anyways, he was NOT feeling well, and we prayed and prayed.. Every-time he woke up and was feeling really badly we prayed, and he would say WHY am I not better, we prayed? FINALLY he did get better and that is when he told me the same analogy: God is testing us to see how we will pray and how much we want it and then he WILL do it!! Align Center
Isn't he just the cutest thing EVER!! EVERY day my child reads his bible, he LOVES to talk about God, his word and lessons! I love you LP, you make my heart SING!


Lady Dorothy said...

God is so good! He will answer us! And in a way we understand!

I love to see you loving your boys! Or read about it. :-)

Joshswife said...

That is SO wonderful! I love it. AND when our children "get it"'s such a relief that they are getting things on their own.


Bonnie said...

Great job, little Paul! You will always find God when you seek Him with your whole heart (He promises that). I'm thankful that my boys have you for a little buddy...and that you all love the Lord like you do!