Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caring for little creatures

BP told me a story about his day at work the other day, he told me that there were a ton of pigeons at this house (and a ton of other animals too, the previous owner housed all of these animals), the new owners were trying to get rid of the birds, so they stopped feeding them so that they would just leave. BP noticed the mom pigeon (he remembered her with her baby from another day), and she was looking for food (the baby was not there anymore, he could not find it). She was poking around BP NOT afraid of him, so he picked up a shovel and started shopping up the ground for her so she could eat:) There were a ton of worms coming out, he even threw some worms for her so that she could eat! He said the bird looked at him doing this, and HE said she looked like she was saying "THANK YOU" and then she started eating:)
He said that was his good deed for the day:)

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