Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our new friend!

When we got home yesterday, our neighbor girl was waiting for us, she seemed very eager to talk to me about something REALLY important, she said she was WAITING for me to get home. I barely got out of the car and she was explaining to me how she and her Grandma were leaving for a while and that she NEEDED me to watch her BIRD! Bird, hmmm I thought, well how long would I have to care for it and what do I NEED to do to it??? She assured me that he would NOT be any trouble, and that I could keep him outside (she knows how I am). I hesitated, but her little face was so concerned and she was sort of sad when I told her I did not think I wanted to. She told me that she could not take her with her on there trip (they were going to visit her mom for a while, or at least is what SHE told me) she said she would have to find him a home if we could not watch him for her (little did she know). She wanted him to live with us while she was gone. I asked her what if the bird dies while we have him, that makes me nervous taking care of someones animal, we are responsible for it, she told me that it was OK if he died at least she knew he was with us and that was a good thing:( SO I finally decided that I would take him, I told her that she had to have her Grandma come and talk to me to be sure this was all legit (she has a tendency to lie a bit). She told me she would be right over with the bird, and sure enough I watched her cross the street with a little bird cage and her Grandma following with the bag of food at the door. She finally brought over all his goodies and thanked us and told us she would be back around JUNE, JUNE?? SERIOUSLY?! She was:)
BUT sadly I knew something was up; the next day BP talked with the Grandma alone and sadly the little girl is going back to live with her mom:( She is NOT coming back, but the Grandma did not want to tell her just yet. She thinks that she is just going to go and stay with her mom for a while and that her mom WILL NOT let her bring the bird:( SO this was so very important that we took care of the bird for her, she thought she would be able to get him back as soon as she was back HOME:(
Anyways, the Grandma gave BP the details on how to care for the bird, NOW this bird is ours! I thought about getting rid of it, BP said NO WAY! HE already likes it so much:) AND so do the kids! Its sort of cute, and I sort of feel badly for the little guy:( AND for our little friend that some day will come back to visit him, her little Doritos.. She named him that because he has orange feet!


THE Princess Bombshell* said...

No pictures of Doritos?!??!!?

Joshswife said...

How absolutely horrible for the little girl. :(
You are such a good friend!!