Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally a post, our weekend!

WOW! I decided to post really quickly! Wanted to make sure I journal our days here in our new town :)
Yesterday (Saturday) the kids and I ventured out and had a good afternoon, our first stop was to a local comic book shop that was celebrating "national comic book day", the kids got a FREE comic book!! YIPPEE!!! After that we headed over to Borders where they were having a (VERY odd) book release. Why we went?! FOR FREE legos that is why!! :) Afterwards We walked the plaza area, stopped for some Sees candy (BEFORE dinner) then we ooo and ahhhh at all the STORES for miles we met BP at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Nicely it had a little play area on the inside so after we ate the kids played for a while. I needed the SITTING that is for sure, after all that walking, I WAS BEAT :)
I like that everything is so close to us, every store you can imagine really.... FUN!!
Today was our first Sunday here, we decided to go over to a church that was introduced to us by a couple that BP had met through work. I previously looked up the church online and found it interesting enough to try it out. I was a little hesitant to go because I was not really "ready" (clothes/nails etc. you know all the important things) SO instead of me being my normal OCD I decided to "LET IT GO" and just GO ;) I have been dealing with that quite a bit lately (letting go of it and NOT being OCD)... OK so anyways I stopped at a McD's on the way for a TREAT (hash-browns), we really enjoyed them (NOT, EWW :)) Arriving at this church was interesting enough, HA HA HA, HUGE, we are NOT used to HUGE churches, but it was fine.. A police was there upon arriving, YEA a police, we had to try and figure out where the entrance was beyond a TON of people gathered out front. They were eating, YES eating :) We wasted our time/money and taste buds on NASTY McD's when here all along they had a VERY yummy "buffet" of treats going on!! We grubbed needless to say, we had our hands full, then quickly realized we had to eat it all before going in, BUT apparently you CAN eat inside ;) ANOTHER unusual for us, BUT again totally fine by me! The room was PACKED wall to wall, we seated ourselves fine in the back row (that was what was left, and worked out better), the worship was different, again but fine, and the message was excellent (I needed it).. After service we AGAIN charged the "buffet" of treats, this time taking it with us (OJ and bagels)! Headed over to Kmart and Ihop... The rest of my day consist of watching the boys put together their bunk-beds, VERY interesting ;)
Hopefully I will continue posting, we shall see....

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