Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our fun day at the lake!

Very fun day today, gorgeous weather and playing at the lake! Since BP had yesterday and today off (cleaned and ran around yesterday for most of the day) today he decided he was going to take the boys fishing at the entrance to the lake (where he works). Last night they got all the gear ready and we packed a ton of snacks :) Today when we got to the original area he was thinking about, neither of us cared for it (since the lake was really full it made the so called small creek area VERY full and too close to the shore where there was suppose to be benches and walking ways.) So we decided to just go all the way to the lake! It was WONDERFUL, so nice out, sitting along side the "beach" and the kids and BP fishing... It was starting to get a little warm so the kids did not take long to splash and play in the water :) I soaked my feet and got a nice burn! After we went to lunch up north a bit to a place that we normally only visit once a year when we are heading to or from Shaver lake, it was a NICE treat! We are definitely going to the lake again, SOON! It turned out to be a long afternoon, since the original plan was just fishing on the creek part of the lake, but the actual lake made it all the more fun, the kids were soaked and burnt and ready to come home :) YEA!!!
Of course there is a ton more pictures, but I will post them on my fb account :)

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