Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog for June and July :) FINALLY!

SO I'm sitting here FINALLY going to post again :) Well lets see the month of June has passed AND the month of July! WOW!!
I think I will just do one big update by linking some pictures for you all to see :D
First of all June was a BUSY month, I had a baby (obviously) Phoenix Jude was born on June 15, 6lbs 10 ounces.. The weeks up until his birth were very lazy, I did absolutely NOTHING, I lied around most days because I was feeling very light headed and short of breath, my BP was VERY low at times so it was best to WHAT?, just rest :) FUN FUN for me :) So at 39 weeks I went in for an induction; Tuesday night, I was already a 4 (after not being at all dilated the last week). I had pit for only a little while and started an active labor only a couple of hours of getting there. I had started getting some pretty strong contractions about 4 AM and with one hard contraction at about 5:50 my water broke and he was born about 6:05 :) YES my labors go SUPER fast after waters are broke, and I did not really push, he just slid out (literally) ONLY had to push out his shoulders :) He was face up but turned on his own and came out with his hand by his face, and as soon as he was out I pulled him to my chest and he started sucking his thumb and looking around! The nurse (NOT my Midwife) was SO concerned (SO LAME) as to why he was not crying, LOL, DUH girl my baby was super content with looking around wide eyed and sucking his thumb while laying on my chest :) He lied there for quite a while looking around as we talked to him and took pictures. He only really cried a couple of times as they cleaned him up (which took only a few minutes) they brought him back to me and he nursed for a good hour while I ate and dropped crumbs on his head :) (EXACTLY like with Preston)... Life is grand :) My midwife was NOT the one concerned what so ever, it was the nurse, it freaked her out to see him SO content, she even called the NICU, they examined him for a QUICK second and must have thought WHY ON EARTH are we examining a baby that is bright eyed and nursing vigorously?!! LOL! And even when it was time to take his bath etc. he just sucked away on his little thumb, SO SO CUTE! He is super chill, THANKFULLY!
The rest of the month is a blur, it consisted of taking care of a super smiley newborn, which the time goes by WAY too fast in my opinion :(
July was too fast too, we spent the 4th with my sisters, visited friends, and just enjoyed traveling back and forth from this hot pit (Clovis) over to the beach and Paso :) We went to the fair, beach (Phoenix first time), water park (no pictures of either place, BOO) and lots of fun walks and shopping outings...
Now here are some pictures to share with you all who dont have a FB (which you NEED to get one in my opinion) :) I always say EVEN IF YOU JUST GET ONE FOR ME :)


liverspot said...

I love the crumbs on the head

liverspot said...
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Leona said...

Yup gotta' love the crumbs :) Starvin' like Marvin' :D