Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glow Bug diaper review

Super excited for ANOTHER diaper review!  I just "HEART" this diaper!  Super SUPER fun colors and SO SO CUTE!
Again this is a pocket diaper that you stuff with an insert.  So here is the pro and cons list

Opening at both ends with a snap in insert to stay in place
super soft inside
COOL colors (I so like the black)
Very easy to snap and put on baby
Holds a ton of pee AND poo :)  WITH gussets like a regular paper diaper (SUPER neat)
Adjustable sized diaper

AGAIN NONE  (just that I WANT more and I DONT have any!!)

Check out their diapers (BEWARE you WILL be hooked)!  You can also go to their website and BUY some :)
Just look at how TRIM these fit, and yet they HOLD it all in... EVEN on my chubby Monkey :)

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