Monday, December 19, 2011

Some Christmastime fun!

Last night we went to see a live Nativity scene here in town... The kids and I were very excited as they have never seen one "play out".  Beforehand we have watched the movie "The nativity story" and we have always read the Christmas story (a million times) :)  BUT we were excited to see it in front of us, it always makes you feels SO special and makes it SO real. 
We took the kids to get some pizza and then headed over to the church.  Walking up to the church (they had the walkways lined with candles and people directing which way to start then which way to go next).  We were greeted by a news camera :)  AND STOPPED by a man dressed as a soldier talking about the census and then he let us pass, and we proceeded to each stop along the way (Angels/Shepard's/three kings/pony's) with each stop they had a short story teller sharing about what happened on that special night, and then sang a Christmas carol.  The last stop we went into the church where Joseph/Mary and baby Jesus were.  VERY touching!  The people there were all so friendly and kind, they directed us over to the "fellowship" hall and we had some cookies and hot cocoa.  BUT before we left we stood around a fire and roasted marshmallows for smores!!  (They also offered hot dogs, but had we knew we would NOT have ate pizza beforehand) :)  I am SO glad we went to this, it was a very special part of our Christmas festivities.... 
After this BP said he had a surprise for us!  We drove about 10 minutes and was stopped in a HUGE amount of traffic, almost decided NOT to go, but we did some maneuvering (WITH GODS HAND) and found our way (NOT even knowing WHERE we were going, taking side streets etc) and landed ourselves right where we had wanted to be WITHOUT waiting in MILES of traffic!  THANK YOU LORD!  Our surprise was not the traffic, LOL , it was a gorgeous 2 mile lane of houses (BEAUTIFUL houses) decorated!  Check out the pictures on the website (we forgot the camera).  We had such a great time looking at all the lights and decorations.  The baby REALLY liked it, he was wide eyed the whole time!!

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