Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lotus Bumz cloth diaper review

Super excited that I won a Lotus Bumz diaper, and such a nice shade of blue too!
I decided with little "monkey boy" that I wanted to cloth diaper (again like I did part time with Phillip and Preston), sadly I got rid of the diapers that I had used as they were pretty "tore up" :)  Anyways, on my quest to re-establish my "stash" I entered in some CD giveaways!!  AND I WON! (not 1 but 3, reviews to come).
OK so I'm going to explain the diaper as best as I can and do a pro's and con's list too :)
The diaper is a "pocket" diaper, stuffed with a nice insert
 You can see and read on it on their FB page and on their website:
I would have to say these diapers are a very good price compared to pricey diapers (you know the ones I am talking about)!  But with that being said, I think these diapers hold their own when compared again to costly diapers, they are just as good in quality as the pricier ones.

Ok so here is the list (you can read more about the diapers on their site)

Low prices
super soft lining (inside AND out)
Definitely holds a LOT of pee pee :)
Not bulky at all (even with two inserts, even though I only have been using one)

Not cheap enough for me to stock up just yet :)

And that is it :)  Make sure to read up on these diapers and LIKE their FB page!!!!!

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