Friday, December 28, 2007

Isnt he just GORGEOUS!?!?!

(Isaiah and Vincent)

This is my #1 nephew Isaiah Gabriel Vera, he is 8yrs. old going on 20! He is my very first nephew, when he was born he was "MY baby", I spoiled him so much. I still cannot believe he is eight already, where does the time go?! Isaiah is a very smart and loving boy, he loves to read his bible, and when he was 5 he prayed to God to help him learn to read so he COULD read the bible; and so he did, and did very well at a young age of five! Isn't that just the cutest thing?! When Isaiah is older I know he is going to be a very excellent loving husband and father, he is such a sensitive and caring boy. He loves his mom, and takes care of her; he has a good heart. He really makes a personal relationship with people, he is so sensitive to peoples feelings, he really does care about how people FEEL; not a popular character of an average eight year old, huh? He always had a special place for Phillip when he was here; the other night in the car while driving home from shopping he was interested in asking me details about heaven and how he WILL see Phillip again (I was sharing about a book I have been reading called "90 minutes in heaven") Just so special! I think Isaiah will do a wonderful job in keeping Phillips memory alive for me and encouraging and reminding me that we will be together as a family one day in heaven!
Thanks Isaiah;)

My sister just sent this picture to show me his new haircut, he does NOT like it (she chose the hair-do this time), I think he looks so handsome! "Well Isaiah that's life when your eight, cant always decide for yourself;) I know your mommy loves you and wants you to look "clean-cut" like SHE likes:)"

I love you Isaiah!!!!
Auntie Lona

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