Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just for fun!

Almost every day off my husband insists on us going somewhere as a family. He does not mind what we do, just something. His favorite place to go is for a walk on the beach, which is great for me since I want to lose this baby weight! Sometimes (most times) I'm lazy and thinking up excuses not to go, but I make myself, and I ALWAYS end up having a wonderful time! I'm just lazy:) I know what we end up doing is going to include some sort of work for me;)

Big Paul loves photography, and for Christmas "his" present to himself was a new camera; so he is having lots of fun taking pictures!

This outing was last Sunday after church, we went to Cambria, to a park that actually was only steps to the beach; so Lil.Paul got to play at the playground for a long time, then we walked on the beach until it got really cold. The walk was a really good work out for me, because there was no sand, but like little pebbles that seemed like quick sand!!!! GOOD for the butt!! Later we raced to a good photo opp. on the side of the road while Big Paul took pics. of the sunset and Lil. Paul snacked on leftover pizza! Later on the way home we pulled over at a cliff and I fed Preston and Paul took MORE pics.! VERY fun!

(Why is it more fun to go UP the slide rather then the stairs?)

(one of many pictures!)

(This is while on the side of the road (cliff), hes just to cute, Lil.Paul WANTED dad to film him though, so thats him asking!)

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Gombojav Tribe said...

What a great time and cute pictures!