Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving!

My sister rented tables and chairs so we ALL can sit together!

Grandma(uma) Linda and Preston

Papa Ron and Uma

(The fam.)

yum yum

Jordan, Vincent, Isaiah and Lil.Paul

For thanksgiving we celebrated at my sisters Peachies house. It was a lot of fun eating and eating oh and did I say eating?!! The kids played hard, rarely ate of course, they would rather play! Lil.Paul and I made some head pieces with feathers for each of the kids, and we made him a little costume, he loved it! Each of the kids told my mom "there" version of the reason we celebrate the holiday!

My sister did a WONDERFUL job preparing for our family dinner, she made TWO turkeys which were so juicy, potatoes, lots of yummy pies, and all the other fixings! My sister Olivia made some really really yummy desserts, and I made sweet potatoes (yams).

I love holidays; but who doesn't?!! Enjoy our pics.

My little Man!

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