Friday, October 17, 2008

Corn Maze!

We had a really nice time on a Field trip last week at the corn maze in Atascadero...

It was really cold that day (which was fine by me). When we arrived EARLY we were greeted by the CUTEST/SWEETEST dog in the world. Mind you that I'M a little scared of dogs, and here is this rather large dog running up to my car door when I arrive (we were the only one there, before anyone), so NO help if needed:) but this dog was so NICE, not just average "NICE" but really really nice, she just stood right by me and sort of "greeted" me. She licked my hand a little and did NOT jump on me, she even let Preston pull her ears and nose!

So we bundled up with coats and hats and headed for the first stop; a donkey, little Paul fed him carrots (this donkey was SO fat, it was crazy looking, not normal) then off to the goats (which were also VERY sweet) we fed them for a long time, I could not leave them alone, they were so cute! I stood there and just kept petting this certain one that seemed to like Preston:) ALL the while we had our little (large) dog Friend following us;) After the animals we headed for the corn maze, NOW I was NOT looking forward to this, I don't like mazes much, so as we got closer I saw this area just covered in corn, NOT cleared very well for a regular type maze that I have seen/done before.. I was so scared:) I went in with all the families, all the while FREAKING out because I felt like a BIG spider or ANY bug was about to attack me!! Well I finally gave up after ONLY about a few minutes, I felt bad:( I told Paul that I was just freaking out and did NOT like it, he was sort of sad, but understood me:) WE headed out (which was NOT easy to turn around in there), BUT there were these two WONDERFUL girls that were more then happy to take little Paul back in! They took him a NUMBER of times, he was THRILLED, and so was I:) WOW what a great time, THANKS TO THE GIRLS!! God always takes care of me;)

After the maze, little Paul picked out a pumpkin in the patch! We had a really nice day!

Thanks again Sarah and Melissa:)

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(I'm surprised the corn is still so green this time of year!)