Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!!!!

I have been tagged for a "meme" by Dorothy over at Daffodil Dreams! So here it is, I will try and THINK up some really RANDOM stuff, so beware:)

1. I sleep with my bathroom light on AND the hall bathroom light on, I don't like to sleep in the dark!

2. I take 8+ vitamins/supplements a day, this is my updated amount since going BACK to our Homeopath Dr. on Tuesday. I'm on my way to better health (not that I'm sick, but just trying to keep on the right path).

3. I lay down with my kids and sing to them and stay in bed with them UNTIL they are a sleep EVERY night! I have been doing this since Little Paul was a baby (with the exception of a few trials of the "cry out" method, NEVER again though!). They are only little for a short time!

4. I don't care to cook (although I do it on a regular basis), in fact I would LOVE it if I had a chef as a "live in" helper. I dream of that, I really do! I really enjoy going "out" for dinner or other meals (NOT fast food); When asked "whats for dinner"? How fun would it be to say "Reservations" when EVER I wanted:)

5. My left earring hole is ALWAYS infected, my left side of my neck is tweaked AND ALL due to talking on the phone TO MUCH, really its that bad! I could carry some long conversations.

6. I could live off of "appetizer type" food, salads and sweets, does this make sense? I don't go crazy over the typical meals, IE. I love to go to party's that have LOTS of little appetizers, mini sandwiches, quiches, and YUMMY desserts, rather then a big meal... Its hard to explain;)

7. Now last but not least, I'm a "picker", I like to pick EVERYTHING (just NOT my nose LOL), I pick my feet (I know that is gross), I pick my lips, I pick my skin on the side of my nails and other stuff I cant think of right now!

I'm not tagging anyone, so if you are reading this and you HAVE NOT done it, DO IT:) PLEASE!


Gombojav Tribe said...

If you lived near me you should hire me to be your personal chef! I could come over a couple times a week and cook for you. And I LOVE make mini quiches, mini souffles, kababs and all that sort of thing! We're a match made in the kitchen!

Lady Dorothy said...

Very random things! :-)

Okay, I HOPE you wash your hands between picking your feet and picking your lips! LOL