Thursday, October 9, 2008

WAY behind!

Well so much for wanting to "journal" my days through blogging! Oh well I MUST start somewhere, although I keep putting if off, I usually have lots to write about, but I guess I just get lazy:(
Lets see where should I start...??? Lets see, We went camping for Big Paul's (in Aug), we went to Morro Bay; it was a lot of fun, we played at the beach and talked and laughed ALL night (I did not sleep really AT ALL due to SNORING boys in the next tent over, and some random man COUGHING all night long).. Though we did meet some really nice people who were from Germany, they joined us for a campfire and the older man enjoyed s'mores for the FIRST time, and he loved it:)
Then for Little Paul's (on September 17) we went camping again, originally he wanted to go camping in the WOODS but we tried, WE REALLY did (but the cabins for me were all booked;), so instead we went back to the beach in Morro Bay, AGAIN another really fun fun weekend (and I did get sleep this time, because I remembered my "noise maker")!
Prestons first was a really good time too, I will have to post all the pictures another time! But it was really a great time, I had so much help that it was a really easy deal for me! My mom made all of the Chile, salsa and a Macaroni salad , Peachy made the Pasta salad, Olivia made the fruit bowl, and Rita (m-in-law) made a Macaroni salad and had the cake made for me. Since we had it at the State Park "day-use" it was a easy to do party:)
So lately I have been extremely busy, but all good, homeschooling little Paul (first grade), and its a challenge with a one year old Preston who THINKS its ALL about him. Little Paul is really advanced with his school work so its sort of nice right now, its all a little bit of a review for him these first couple of months (its a nice break). We joined a home school group and a co-op, we have had some fun days getting to know all the new families and going on outings (will have to blog about it later). Little Paul is taking Karate (Little Dragons) two times a week, he really likes it a lot, today he lead a round of warm-ups at class and counted to ten in Japanese! On our way home he was too excited to TEACH ME something new!
Preston is WAY to grown up these days, he is walking ALL over the place, hes just a big boy:( I want him to stay a baby, but that's not happening with him! HE thinks hes like Little Paul, he plays EXACTLY like him, its a crack up to watch. He growls when he sees scary things, and loves to play "chasing games"!He loves to scramble up all the toys in the room (this is SO LITTLE PAUL) and take a toy and act like its a monster and crash into everything around him and growl and get all crazy.. Whats the saying "Monkey see, Monkey do", that's these boys for ya'.
So much to share, but I will have to continue later....:)
I will leave with a couple of cute things...

We were at "Cold Stone" ice-cream the other day, Little Paul saw a sign on the wall that said "Make a wish foundation",
Little Paul: What does that sign mean Mom, "make a wish" why?
Mom: Well lets see, its hard to explain Paul, maybe later.
Little Paul: NO now mom, I want to know what that means?!
Mom: Okay Paul, lets see hmmmm; lets say YOU were really sick and you were going to die and you knew it and so did I and I told you.... what would YOU WANT to do, ANYTHING you would want....?
Little Paul: OH I get it, of course! I WOULD want to PRAY:)
Mom: LOL NO but that is good! BUT say you could GO ANYWHERE you want, where would you go?! FUN FUN!
(a VERY serious) Little Paul: Well OF course HEAVEN!
Mom: LOL Oh Paul, Yes that's good, BUT say you could go ANYWHERE on earth really really fun, ANYWHERE you wanted to go, cause remember you are going to die and your sick?
Little Paul: OH NOW I get it, well of course, COSTCO, we would get ALL the samples and spend LOTS of money!!
Mom: Paul!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!

Okay so the other night while praying Little Paul was FULL of questions, this is not abnormal for him (he talks A LOT, and WANTS to know everything), so I was talking really quickly and answering some questions (and still trying to pray, lol) He was asking about a little friend he has and how that evening while we were all outside, and they were playing, she had lied to me a couple of times about various things. He asked me if she is a Christian WHY does she keep on lying to me like that, I had to TRY and explain that she is NOT a Christian (shes Jehovah Witness), but any how, that we all make mistakes and sin and all of that (he understood what I was saying since we have gone over ALL of this before)... BUT for some reason he just kept on, like he did not get it. I told him she is NOT a Christian, even though she says she is ( I was trying so hard to explain this, but its hard), so anyways he tells me AFTER ALL this explaining,
"OH I get it, so even though she says shes a Christian, she still can lie and eat her boogers and nasty stuff like that, because she is NOT a Christian like me!?"


Joshswife said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GOOD LAUGH! I needed that, and I enjoyed your update. (a LOT) I just love that kid; he's the funniest. Love you ALL!

Martiel said...

you have your hands full with lil paul! funny guy, adorable too. I love that his wish would be to go to COSTCO! tooo funny! what about disney world? or to seaworld? cute.

Sarah-Kate* said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! LIL PAUL!!!!!

Lady Dorothy said...

I could hardly read this to Pastor, I was laughing so hard! He is just too cute!