Thursday, February 5, 2009

A four year old

The other day at little Paul's Karate class, I was sitting with a mom and chatting (like we all always do). We were just talking about regular stuff and when she mentioned that her little boy was born in 2004, well instantly I felt a hole in my stomach. While looking over to her little boy playing with all the kids and little Paul holding his hand. I listened to her talk about him and all I could do was think, "Phillip would have been four"! I cant even believe that this past November 11Th Phillip would have turned four years old..... I could not help but think of him, would he be out there (on the Karate floor) with Paul laughing and playing around, or would he be sitting with me watching his big brother during Karate class? Or would he had stayed home that day with Dad and played with his baby brother Preston? All of these things go through my mind and it makes me miss him even MORE:( FOUR years old!


sk* said...

He's a big boy now up in heaven! :-)

Joshswife said...

I can't imagine your pain, since I know that there are times where even I think.......I could have a 9 year old!!! I know it's tough!