Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some of you may know that Big Paul has started his training on the weekends for CDF!! He has been working really hard at it, major WORK (butt kickin' work and book work)! The training is Saturday and Sunday for five weeks, ALL day.. He is doing a great job at it, I'm really impressed by him and his effort. He is not sure if he will be hired on this fire season (due to the State budgets) but that's not for him to decide (God is in control), I'm just so proud of him to actually follow his childhood dream of one day fighting in a fire! Even if he does not become a firefighter or if he decides its not for him, I am still SO SO SO impressed by his willingness to step out of his "comfort" zone.. He's the bomb! This training is INTENSE and NOT for the weaklings, hes is so tough AND brave, I knew he had it in him, and I'm enjoying this adventure with him!

Isn't he cute!!


sk* said...

SO cute! :-) (Just what guys want to hear in a tough get-up like that!) lol

Joshswife said...

Yeah, for Paul! Thanks for posting pictures of your "cute" husband!

I think you are wonderful for supporting him through such a big transition.

Love you, ALL!